The crucial question is what to do first as spring is quickly approaching.

Examine your perennial plants. Do they still have a lot of last year’s dead foliage on them? If so, cut it off or remove it. Remove all of last year’s growth to make the new growth appear tidy and new.

Eliminate every weed in your gardens. Yes, I am aware that it is unpleasant, but if you remove them all at once, you can keep your garden free of weeds throughout the entire growing season. Nearly free of weed. Although weed control is a summer-long task, it shouldn’t be challenging or overwhelming.

Most people who attempt to control weeds fail because they never succeed in doing so. Buy weed Bangkok This is what you do, then. Start by aerating the soil and getting rid of all of the weeds. After that, lay down newspaper that is at least 8 pages thick, covering it with 2′′ of mulch. Additionally, brown paper grocery bags work great.

Because I pulled out miles of that material when I was in the landscaping business, I don’t like the weed barrier fabrics that you can buy in garden stores. Why did we remove it? Considering that it was a terrible mess with weeds poking through it! The weeds were all entangled in the so-called weed barrier material, making it impossible to pull them.

I appreciate newspapers and paper bags for this reason. They leave! And in your gardens, that is really important. Things that won’t disappear shouldn’t be put in there. Both mulch and newspaper decompose naturally.

What about all the enchanted weed-controlling remedies available? Do they operate? They do, indeed. However, the majority of people use them improperly, which leads to very subpar outcomes. Pre-emergent weed control products, such as Preen, are exactly that—pre-emergent. They only manage weed seeds, then. Although controlling weed seeds is crucial, pre-emergent weed control is doomed from the start if you don’t first eradicate all of the weeds and weed roots.

As a result, before using pre-emergent weed control formulas in your gardens, you must completely remove all of the weeds that are already present. I still advise using the newspaper because pre-emergent weed controls are ineffective against weeds that sprout from ground-up roots. With newspaper and mulch, you can deprive the weed roots of sunlight, which is the only way to stop them from growing. They can’t grow if they can’t get sunlight.