According to a recent medical study, smoking causes significant changes in the skin. According to the same study, smokers, who are more likely to have these skin changes, are also more likely to suffer from significant hair loss. In other words, if you smoke a lot, you might be interested in a hair replacement procedure.

The reader has been given information in other sections about procedures that enable surgical hair replacement. Additionally, other content on this website has provided details on medications that can aid a man in growing back lost hair. toupee The reader will discover the types of hairpieces that men can use in place of permanent hair replacements in this section.

Very few men decide to wear wigs. Some men choose to wear toupees, or patches of hair that resemble hair. A man must carefully consider a number of characteristics of each wig or toupee in order to enjoy a hairpiece that provides effective hair replacement.

Has it a distinctive style? If so, can the man who wants to wear the hairpiece pull off that look comfortably? Has the hairpiece under consideration undergone a “perm,” a procedure that fixes the style of the hairpiece in question permanently? Has it been tinted in any way, which is a technique that gives a hairpiece a permanent colouring.

What method will be used to secure the chosen hairpiece to the head? Will the man who has chosen to wear it use surgical tape to secure the hairpiece to his scalp? If so, what kind of adhesive will be applied by the man who intends to use that hairpiece to conceal a bald spot?

Will two-sided surgical tape be required to secure the hairpiece to the scalp? Will bonding glue be used to secure the hair piece in place? Will Japanese combs be required to keep the hairpiece in place on the scalp? Will the hairpiece be able to “invisible blend” in with the scalp’s natural hair?

What kind of washing technique should be applied to the potential hairpiece? Will the hairpiece require routine maintenance? Is the hairpiece constructed from genuine human hair or some other kind of synthetic material? Before buying any kind of hair replacement, a man should inquire the kind of questions mentioned above.